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The most important principles of creating Japanese garden art included: order, control and guardedness. Special importance in the philosophy of the Far East has got a stone, which symbolizes eternity, permanence and resistance to various conditions. Thus the arrangement of stones in the garden must not be at random, but due to given rules. All stones must lie in the same positions as they did in the nature. A stone in the Japanese brooklets and the banks, garden art is used to build paths, waterfalls,

of a small pond. It is common to use gravel to imitate the movements
of waves.The most popular tree in a Japanese garden is a pine. it is
planted in the middle and has got a special meaning because in
Japan it is perceived as the symbol of strength and longevity. A
garden in the Japanese style is to reflect the order as it is in
the nature, and not the one made by a human hand. The
essential rule is the optic landscape manipulation achieved by
proper compositions that give a viewer the impression of a garden
infinity. In Poland gardens are mostly surrounded by tall tree and
bushes so that the area is separated from the rest neighbourhood.
In Japan tall tree are planted in the
middle in order to get rid of or
minimize the boundary between the
garden and further terrain. 

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